I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. I’ve had a lot of work going on and so much craziness. But soon I’m going to have my own community site. And I hope to merge this blog with it. And hopefully not have to create a whole new one. But if I do I will post about it here.

I’ve mainly been using and Facebook to promote my music as well as Youtube. The new album Rogue World released today at midnight! Go buy, share, download it!

Also my Youtube channel is starting to get some love and thanks to Boogie 2988 he’s inspired me to do more with it than just promote my music. I’ve started to vlog and rant about random things. Mainly about nerdom and video games and things I like so please go watch and Subscribe to me:

That’s all for now! Please let me know what you think of my new album and start watching me on Youtube. I thank everyone that’s stuck by me, supported me, and always was there to hear me rant! 😀


Track Listings

So there’s two new albums coming out soon. In The Shadows Volume 4 and a to be announced Sleeping Awake title. For that such Sleeping Awake album I have a teaser. Those joining my lobby’s on have heard these songs already. Here’s the list so far:

  1. Subtle Things
  2. Question Everything
  3. Crystal Moon
  4. Somewhere, There’s Always A Light

Much more to come! Here’s also a quick rundown of ITSV4:

  1. New Season
  2. I Won’t Let You Die Alone
  3. Ode To The Fool
  4. Battle Tactics
  5. Holding On To Forever
  6. I’ve Got A Strange Feeling
  7. Butterfly Tree
  8. Restless Night
  9. The Old Bookstore
  10. Yukari’s Theme (Lover Arcana Remix)
  11. Retribution of The Lost
  12. Spirit Molecule (Thou Art I, I Art Thou)


In The Studio

Soon there will be even more songs to listen to soon! And I might be adding a couple tracks to In The Shadows Volume 4 which would make it the longest ITS album to date.

My girlfriend just got me some awesome new headphones! I had been using an off brand for a long time and she just happened to find some on sale at Guitar Center and they ended up being amazing! So I’m super stoked about that 🙂

So to get a feel for how the new Sleeping Awake album is going to be. Check out my two Black Hoodie albums: Songs From The Black Hoodie, Legend of the Black Hoodie, and then merge them with Keeping The Blade. There you go.

This is also inspiring me as well:

Rise of a Digital Nation

So there have been many things that I’ve wanted to do. Time never seems to be on my side either. I have so many projects going around that it’s almost overwhelming. BUT that’s okay, because all of these projects are awesome!

Ever since I discovered this website I’ve been addicted to it. I’ve been able to play my own music and gained some popularity by creating the Velvet Room lobby and playing my favorite Persona and SMT tunes. Mixing my own in there as well randomly. It has been a blast and I hope to continue to run the lobby! I even have an assistant running it now as well. And if you ever want to drop in and listen to some awesome tunes, feel free to do so! You can see whenever the lobby is open by liking us on FB:

And of course my main project Sleeping Awake is still around. New music is coming soon. I got some mixed reviews on my Keeping the Blade album. It was very experimental but I loved the sounds and I made some new fans through it so I’m pleased. Like I always do, I just create what I like to hear 😀 And through the Velvet Room Lobby I have found some more people that dig my music so that’ s a huge plus! Makes me smile too. The number of fans on the Sleeping Awake Facebook page has increased significantly. I’m so stoked!

To everyone though: Thank you for all your support and love through everything! I promise I will never sell-out or sell my soul to a record company. I will forever remain on Bandcamp and underground as much as possible. I want to play all the big clubs one day. But I want to do it off hard earned success not because I have some record company pushing my music saying it’s the next best thing. I want fans who truly dig what I put out and not have anyone tell me what is supposed to sound good.

Freedom of writing, music, and speech! The internet is a wonderful thing. We’re the Digital Nation right now people and that leads me to my next update. Everyone that has followed my blog since the beginning probably know about my number 1 favorite band. It’s Machinae Supremacy. And they have a brand new album coming out! Oct. 19th will be the release! And it’s called Rise of a Digital Nation. The album cover is sick too:

Going back to Sleeping Awake. I have a new track uploaded called Subtle Things and it’s pretty much complete probably going to be the intro track for the new album after In The Shadows Volume 4 is released. So that’s two albums coming your way folks! Some more Persona jazz fusion style electronica and another SA official release 😀 So now for that song preview, let me know what you think:

Another teaser here… CLU3 has something coming soon!

Many more updates to come! Thank you for all who diligently check my blog. I should be back in the swing of replying and updating all my social sites soon lol. Check back soon!


Busy doesn’t only vaguely describes my schedule lately. Pulling 12 hour shifts, reaching overtime, and sleeping. I finally have my computer running online again. My laptop is completely dead. I have my music software re-installed so I can start to create music again 😀 That will be refreshing I’ve had a long hiatus, longer than I wanted it to be.

The thing that’s been taking up most of my time and what I’m hugely addicted to is this website

Persona holds a huge place in my life. My favorite video games all fall into the Shin Megami Tensei series. And as you all know I have 3 Volumes of music dedicated to those games. Now this website lets me play my music as well as my fav tracks from that game. And I’ve created quite the fan base through it. My likes on Facebook have jumped and the Lobby I created on is The Velvet Room. It’s become so popular amongst Persona fans that I created it’s own Facebook page as well.

I try to play in it nightly but I also have an assistant Theo that DJs for me when I’m not there. My user on there is Crimzen, of course 😉 If you ever have the time check it out! You can see when the Lobby is open by just going to it here: or liking the Facebook page here:

Also I’m hoping to play a set soon with my fellow musician friend XandrosUltima, no official date has been set yet. But when it happens we will rock your socks off for sure 🙂 Just a quick update.

Oh yes, the new Machinae Supremacy album is DONE, waiting on album art and all the finalization thingys. And work has OFFICIALLY begun on Persona 5, W00T for the awesomeness!

Another Laptop…gone

After all the laptops I’ve used and I have used many. I have come to the conclusion that they are all shit. I like my desktop now. It runs faster and better than a laptop. And my laptop HDD seems to be in good condition and probably salvageable if hooked into an enclosure. So now I have to break down and buy the enclosure (not too much) and a USB Wireless Network Card for my desktop. I wish I could direct connect my desktop to my internet but that would require not having it in my room and I like having it close to where I sleep. And also out of the way so I’m not waking people up.

The only sad thing is…All my writing and music was on that laptop. I’m crossing my fingers that the HDD isn’t corrupted and I can pull the data off of it. I really hope so or I will be furious. I have a lot of hard work on that laptop and I don’t want to see it gone.

Besides that the Livestream was a success! I wish more people had attended, but I did have a max of 4 or 5 people at once! So it was still a lot of fun and I got a fellow musician friend XandrosUltima to play with me as well to extend the set with his great music. It was fun and it will be done again. If you want updates on when all that will happen. And catch all the Livestreams, be sure to like the Sleeping Awake Facebook page. Just look to your right here should be a nice little widget there for you to check out 🙂 To keep all up to date.

That’s all for me for right now. Off to spend about 30 dollars to keep on keeping on 😛

My First Livestream!

This Saturday I’m doing my first Livestream online! I’m using a site that I just found and I’m totally digging called:! It let’s me stream my music online and have people join the stream via the browser and listen in on what I’m playing! It’s awesome, like a virtual concert so to speak! There will be a chat bar in the lobby as well so you can chat with me and other listeners. I will not only be playing my music but some of my favorite tunes as well!

The stream will take place on Saturday August 4th starting at 1pm and lasting until 4 pm. That’s 3 hours of party hosted by yours truly Crimzen 😀

If you have a Facebook and would like to join the Event I have the link for the Event Page here:

To get the direct link to the Livestream check back on this blog, Event Page, or Sleeping Awake Facebook page for it on Saturday. I can’t supply a link right now because it has to be unique to the lobby on the day of.

If the times I have selected don’t work, no fear! I’m going to be doing multiple of these every weekend at varying times. So stay tuned I’ll announce more dates and times soon! I hope to see you on Saturday listening to my tunes and my favorites 😀 also to keep in mind: You can keep the lobby open in a tab and do other things online. As long as you keep it open in a tab or minimized you can still listen and view other things online 😀