Darksiders Review

So today I decided to start up a new game of Darksiders. A long time ago I had a pretty beast Xbox 360 account with some great achievements. Then from taking it back and forth to a friends house, some got corrupted or something. And some of them disappeared. Well to my geek perfectionist side, that just would not do. So I created a whole new account. Now that I have Xbox Live and I don’t have to go to a friends house to play. I have no worries of taking my hard drive on and off.

So I forge my way back into Darksiders and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Let me give you a little info about this game from my perspective.

Semi Spoilers Maybe

I won’t give a way major things at all. I hope none of this is considered a real spoiler. It’s a third-person action adventure game. You play as War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You are summoned to fight in the final battle but soon realize something is very wrong. Someone broke the balance and started Armageddon way too early.

And who’s to blame for all this? Oh yes, you. In great God of War fashion you get that intro done and loose your powers and over the course of the game you gain them all back. Somebody has framed you and the only way to make the Council see is to show them by kicking ass all over the apocalyptic human world. This game not only has a God of War/Devil May Cry hack-n-slash adventure to it. It also has all sorts of equipment and puzzles that make you think you’re playing Legend of Zelda. You even get a hook-shot like item to use and you get a horse later! Now there aren’t many places you can use the horse, but when you can. It’s fun as hell. Killing demons on horseback is fun. Another great addition to the game is a character that is latched on to you from the beginning. The Watcher. He’s like a really evil Navi that’s voiced by Mark Hamill. How can you get any better than that? Except it’s actually fun to hear his evil raspy talk versus that annoying high pitched ‘LISTEN!’

The combat is fluid and not that hard to pick up. Sometimes hordes of demons will frustrate you, but in the end once you get everything down, combat can be a breeze. The further you progress, the harder demons become. Obviously. Bosses are unique and fun to kill. Another thing resembling God of War is the option to brutally finish off any opponent. By hitting an action button you can do 1 of 2 kinds of brutal bloody finishing moves. The ones on bosses are great to watch especially when they’ve been a real bitch to you.

Oh did I mention there’s a tracker in your menu for how much Demon Blood you’ve spilled? That’s just great šŸ˜‰ AND for all you portal fans out there there is a portal gun. Yes a portal gun in here. There are certain areas you can shoot a portal in and create different ways for War to move around a map. Sometimes it’s downright necessary. The portals even glow orange and blue!

So there you have it Darksiders is basically a great action adventure game with elements of Legend of Zelda, Devil May Cry, God of War, Portal, and even some Soul Eater. Not only that it’s got a great story to boot and I’m not telling much more because here at least it’s only 17.99 used and I highly recommend picking up this game and playing it.


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