Sorry For Party Rocking

So today was a great day. One of my days off and I’m not exhausted at all. So me, Megan, and her brother Aaron decided to go out bowling. But this wasn’t just any bowling night. This was a Guido Night! Okay, so this idea all started from work actually. They have a generic pop station playing at work so all I hear is top 40 hits. One of those happens to be Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

Now most people I know hate LMFAO and think their songs are repetitive. And normally certain things like this don’t get stuck in my head. But these guys are awesome. And I’m addicted to Party Rock Anthem. I can’t get it out of my head. So I got the LMFAO album and made a mix CD for the night. After that we went to Walmart and me and Aaron got Guido wigs in the Halloween section.

We just went silly. Today was such a fun day, literally not giving a fuck. Doing what we wanted to! I got some pictures for you here:


So needless to say we had a blast and we are going to have another Guido Night soon. Because it was just fun fist pumping all over the place. Doing the running man dance while we were stopped at stop lights. Saying ‘Yeeeeah Boyyy!’ and talking all Jersey Shore-like to each other. It was so fun! Want to know how we were acting? Here’s a video that inspired my costume for the night:


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