Machinae Supremacy Live @ Assembly

Ok so if you’ve heard of me on other sites you know that Machinae Supremacy is my all time number 1 favorite band. They are amazing to me and nothing can top their epicness. So getting online today checking my Facebook I just had to double take to what I saw on their Facebook wall. When they performed live at Assembly this year they were recording the whole thing. And now that they have got all the footage together, they have edited it up into a nice full length HD concert for us to watch. And they’re giving it away for free! Yup, here is what they post read.

On Friday the 14:th of October at 19:00 CET (13:00 EDT) we are releasing the the full-length concert from Machinae Supremacy’s live performance at Assembly 2011 on The Pirate Bay. You will also be able to catch a few highlights from the concert on our official YouTube channel, starting with Through The Looking Glass, available right now.

This is a high quality production shot with numerous cameras. All of this was made possible thanks to the hard work of the Assembly crew and organizers. A big thanks to them.

So check out Through The Looking Glass Live @ Assembly, get ready any and all MaSu fans because the full concert will be released soon!


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