Machinae Supremacy Live @ Assembly Available Now!

Free is awesome. Especially when it comes from your favorite band. Any band that gives away free things to their fans. Like really cool epic free things is an awesome band. And the only band I can think of that does that is Machinae Supremacy. Not only do they have an awesome community. They have given away tons of music via Site Releases. And now they give us even more epic win with releasing a full length concert filmed in HD for free. For free people!

I have watched the entire thing and I have to say. It’s the best looking live concert I’ve ever seen. Audio 10 and Video 10! Epic performance too! It’s free and from the band themselves and this is a legit download. If you have never listened to them or heard of them. Do yourself a favor and get this. Check the link above for ‘Site Releases’ too to get some free MP3s as well!

And remember sharing is caring. Seed it! Spread the love and let your friends know about MaSu.

Machinae Supremacy Live @ Assembly 2011 TPB Download


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