The Contractor’s Key

The second episode of Persona 4 The Animation is up. Go check it out!

Being a huge Persona fan I’m still stoked how they are sticking to the actual game this time as far as content. This will probably end up being one of my favorite animes. I also like how the beginning of each episode seems to take place in the Velvet Room like it does in the game. And it’s keeping Igor and what the Velvet Room is kind of in the dark for now. Which is good. Anime’s need to build plot up. I’m not sure if the protagonist will get to use other Persona’s like you do in the game. Or fuse or make new ones in the Velvet Room. This might be cut from the anime I’m not sure. Hasn’t alluded to the whole fusing Persona’s thing, but then again it is the 2nd episode. Right now things are still coming together.

I really really like how they did the Other Self with Hanamura. I was wondering what they would do with the battle. I like the way they are developing this into an anime. So without further delay, the link is below for the second episode! I hate Hulu, but I can’t complain that they have Persona 4 up for me to watch. So definitely check it out. If you are a Persona or Shin Megami Tensei fan, comment this post. Let me know your thoughts on the series as well!

Persona 4 The Animation – Episode 2 – The Contractor’s Key


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