Microsoft is Worthless

Ok I think it’s about common knowledge that people can hack Xbox Live accounts and systems. This has been going on since a long time ago. I remember people being able to hack the original Xbox. Not for malicious reasons, but just to customize their system. Now we’re living in a time where we have a bunch of people playing online (namely young kids and teens). Who learned how to hack and screw anyone over they don’t like when they’re playing online.

It’s childish, it’s illegal, and Microsoft is not doing anything about it. According to Microsoft they have no breach in security at all! And the users claiming to be hacked really haven’t been. This is ridiculous. Mainly because my girlfriend’s little brother was hacked for no reason at all. He was playing Call of Duty online and got in an argument with another person and they threatened to hack his account. Not fearing anything, because it’s just a game, they continued to trash talk and ended the game. Next time he logged on to his Xbox it said he was banned for 5 years. When they contacted Xbox Live, Microsoft sent them in circles. Telling them that it was not possible to hack into an Xbox Live account and the only reason that he would have been banned was if he was doing something wrong. Microsoft told him to wait out the 5 years to use that account again. What? That’s customer service…  Now this isn’t the worse of it. Recently there’s been a story up about a lady that had her account hacked. And for this I’ll leave it up to her to tell you. Here’s the link to her blog:

You can also read these relevant articles on Kotaku as well:

Please read these and discuss your opinions below.

EDIT: If you have a Facebook and want to like this page I created click the link below. It’s basically about this and hopefully it will gain a lot of popularity and show that people are concerned and down right fed up with this.


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