Stomach Ache

Well I haven’t been very talkative in the past day or so. Mainly because of an intense stomach ache I’ve been having. I hope it’s nothing serious, but my girlfriend’s mom is a doctor. She thinks it could be my appendix. I’m hoping it’s just a case of bad food mixed with bad gas. We’ll see. For now I may be limited with some updates as I’m in the bed and in a bit of pain. But I should be finishing up my album soon. So that will be something to look forward too 🙂


About Mark Lynch

My name is Mark but my friends call me Crimzen (used to be Lucky/LuckysRevenge). I'm 23 years old. A writer with constant writer's block, a computer musician, n00b web designer, and I'm trying to live each day at a time with positive energy all around. I want to make it through school and get a career not a job. I want to get my music out there and make my mark in the world. View all posts by Mark Lynch

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