No Role Models Here

So there comes a time to be civil. And if you ever meet or have met me in person. You know I’m very respectable and pretty much well mannered. But something must be twisted in my brain because I bet if you are friends with me on Facebook you’d probably think otherwise. You might be taken aback or even disgusted. I guess I’m just twisted. Because there are some things I find hilarious and cool that others might find weird, disturbing, or vulgar. For instance:

Huge fan of Infected Mushroom. Big fan of random dubstep. So when these two things came together with the F word. Well I giggle every time I hear this. It makes me feel all happy inside and I don’t know why.

Also I love badass violence. Does that make me weird? When I successfully pull off an insane move in Assassins Creed. It gives me goosebumps and I get excited. No not that kind of excited you perverts. Gives me ideas for stories, gives me ideas for AMVs, and makes me want to make video games. Or a movie. Definitely after watching something like this (This vids are works of art imo):

I don’t know why but it’s just fun and cool to look at. Especially parred with dubstep. I think that dubstep can go well with games like Deus Ex Human Revolution. Cyberpunk and futuristic adventure games. And I know that genre’s can get blurred a lot. But to me Deus Ex Human Revolution was more than just a shooter/RPG. It was an Adventure! This video is for the upcoming game Syndicate. I hope it’s good. But the trailer is what blows me away. I want to make music like this:

Those trailers make me shiver. It gets my creative mind turning. It makes me want my own media company to make things like this! That’s why I want to get my name out there. I want to get a start and become the next Bioware, the next Bethesda, and make it to the top.

The Matrix soundtracks are amazing. And they have some of the best cyberpunk based songs I’ve ever heard. Doesn’t even have to pertain to the sci-fi subgenre by putting references in the music. It just has to ‘sound’ like it. Does that make since? I want to make more music that sounds like you’d find it in The Matrix or Deus Ex. Sometimes it may not always come out that way. But I definitely want to establish my own sound.

Btw, all my albums are set to ‘free’ again on my Bandcamp. Temporarily so if there’s an album you haven’t snagged yet. Go for it! The reason why I kept them for sale was to hopefully knock down plagiarism. I hope that doesn’t happen. So I’ll have random ‘free bursts’ as I’ll call them and you just have to get them when these ‘bursts’ happen.


About Mark Lynch

My name is Mark but my friends call me Crimzen (used to be Lucky/LuckysRevenge). I'm 23 years old. A writer with constant writer's block, a computer musician, n00b web designer, and I'm trying to live each day at a time with positive energy all around. I want to make it through school and get a career not a job. I want to get my music out there and make my mark in the world. View all posts by Mark Lynch

2 responses to “No Role Models Here

  • Alex 'Hadou' Cridford

    Of all of those, I think the Syndacate one is the best. I also think it looks like a really good game too – I just hope EA doesn’t ruin THIS game…

    • LuckysRevenge

      I agree. Ever since I saw the trailer I got all excited. I haven’t tried the demo yet but apparently the multiplayer demo online is really glitchy and turned people away? That wouldn’t turn me away. I mean yes if the game is only like 4 hours long campaign wise and the multiplayer was horrible there wouldn’t be much replay value. But I’m hoping it goes into a Deus Ex vibe and has plenty to offer.

      Speaking of games…I want the Mass Effect 3 beta, so freaking bad.

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