Bad Sleeping Schedules

Are still there! For some reason I just can’t go to sleep at night and wake up during the day. I went to bed at 7am and woke up at 4pm. That’s bad isn’t it? It will suck when I get a job and I need to be there at 9am but I can deal with that when I get to it. Heck I did it with Amazon and I had to be there at 5am and work 10 hours. But anyways!

I used a new email and got a month of Netflix free on my PS3! *crowd cheers*

So I’ve decided to help pass time that I would go on a movie watching spree and watch so many movies that I never got to. I swear I had Netflix on Xbox Live and it was glitchy as shit and didn’t have much to offer. PS3 on the other hand it’s like a whole new set up. And has a lot of variety. Screw you Xbox! Ugh…Don’t get me started on why Xbox Live and Microsoft suck so much.

So my girlfriend hadn’t seen The Evil Dead yet. So I had to creep her out with it. I’m a huge fan of horror movies. But I like at least semi-tasteful or unique horror movies. Genre defining or just creative. I saw this movie when I was 12 or 13 at a friends house. And he made me watch it at midnight with all the lights off. Let me tell you. Even to this day it scares me. Up until then the only scary movies I had seen were It and The Shining. The Evil Dead truly terrified me. Now, in case you haven’t seen it. Check it out! The graphics are totally horrible and some people have dubbed this cheesy. But I think it’s very well done and sets the tone and has a definite creep factor.

Then after that we journeyed for something less frightening and more adventure. So I started up The Warrior’s Way. This movie I saw the trailer for in Gamestop and was blown away. Now trailers are supposed to do that. They’re supposed to make even the crappiest movies look awesome. After passing up the opportunity to see The Warrior’s Way I then started to get feedback from friends and the internet and nothing was showing up good. But I don’t let that deter me! I see things for myself and make my judgement there. And I have to say this movie is kickass! I was, in someways, thinking I was watching a live action anime. It had all the quirkiness, violence, and drama of an anime but portrayed in live action. Which is hard to do in my opinion and maintain good acting. This movie is a must see if you like action in general. It’s eye candy action but with good story which is hard to come by. Check the trailer out that sparked my interest in the movie to begin with:

Then we preceded to watch even more movies throughout the night. One being a movie that I had been told in the past I needed to see. And that movie is A Clockwork Orange. Now I get the political satire here. I get what the movie is supposed to portray. The ‘deeper meaning’. But come on. This movie was HORRIBLE. I felt disgusted watching it. It’s not even one of those movies where I can say ‘Hey this movie is disturbing and you should watch it at least once’, no. I can’t recommend this to anyone. I felt like I wasted 2 hours of my life watching this stupid movie. If you’ve never heard of it or never saw it, do yourself a favor: Read the Wikipedia page on it and save yourself from watching this terrible movie.

Now to end it all up, a movie that I grew up with and was responsible for sparking so much imagination in my younger life. Hook by Stephen Spielberg. I hadn’t seen this movie in ages and I wondered how it would live up to my current age. And I was still charmed and excited to watch it! I’m still amazed how they made Tink (Julia Roberts) so freaking small and like she really was a fairy. Some definite green screening was going on but it was very subtle and they did an amazing job of trying to smooth it out. Normally you can see that dark little silhouette around the people in front of the green screen but I rarely saw it in this film. Oh and even to this day it blows my mind that Captain Hook is Dustin Hoffman. If you haven’t seen this, check it out, it’s a great Peter Pan adaption and I’m sure it will give you a smile. For me it brings back childhood.

I will continue to go on a movie spree with my one month trial of Netflix and I will update this blog accordingly to tell you about all the movies I see and re-watch 🙂


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