Trekking Through Streaming Videos

Ah Netflix. You are a quite the cool invention. So far I’ve managed to see a lot of movies. Some new and some old that I never got the chance to see. So let’s continue the reviews! What we have next was bound to happen from watching Hook. No it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean (although I wish they were on Netflix streaming), it’s Peter Pan. Returning to magical Neverland was another fun adventure. Not really sticking into my heart like my childhood favorite but was still and enjoyable fun filled ride. Some parts felt a bit dragged but the whole reason for watching it is to get the fantasy experience and you get it here. Even a bit of darkness. They carried out the role of Captain Hook very well. All in all if you’re in the mood for pirates and a bit of magic. Give it a watch!

Office Space. The infamous comedy that has popped up in parody’s of many TV shows, including Family Guy. I finally got to see the scene everyone had been talking about. Baseball bat + that inanimate object that’s caused you trouble and frustration = awesomeness. And I almost cried in laughter. This movie is completely funny. From start to finish it is a great movie. Even to this day there is very few comedies that stick in my brain and this one will for sure. Definitely worth watching!

Ok now down to the latest movie that I watched that blew me away. Limitless. I had been skeptical about this movie so many times. Now that I have it freely to watch I set back and let it roll. While not nearly on the caliber as The Matrix or Fight Club, I am very much reminded of those movies while I was watching this. And it wasn’t in a ‘wow they ripped off Fight Club (or enter other movie here)’ it was in a good creative way. Even though I was able to call a bit of the things that happened in the movie it was still exciting for me. It was as if I took one of those smart pills Bradley Cooper did. It’s a great thrill ride that really opens your mind up to several questions. Questions you may have already discussed but long forgotten or new ones filled with new ideas. This movie is exactly the kind of movie that gets me writing again and fills me with imagination. If you have heard of this check it out, but if you haven’t yet at all. Here’s a trailer to give you a preview:


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