Japanese Music Exploration

No sleep, playing Persona 3, and Monster will cause you to:

  • Check out what the Japanese Amazon site to see what their top selling video games, music, and movies are.
  • Translate to find out what some of these things are.
  • Get amazed and use Google to show you what your dollar amount is in Yen.
  • Drool over these items and know that you don’t have enough money to get them
  • Start to exploit Google Japan to find blogs that have uploaded anime and J-pop/J-rock artists to download via Rapidshare and the like.

That’s where I’m at now. I have found a crap ton of great music! I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture and to hear their music is always fun and refreshing. There are some artists that have a simple yet catchy sound that pop or alternative bands can’t even accomplish. I may not understand the lyrics but damn do the Japanese know how to make some good music!

I’ll let you in on the blog I found first that’s pretty freaking awesome. It’s called Sonix’s VGM Collection. And I have found a lot of good video game and anime soundtracks here. It’s a great site and I highly recommend checking it out! I found some awesome really hard to find Persona 4 The Animation soundtracks there. These soundtracks can only be obtained by buying the limited edition Blu-ray Volumes in Japan. So the chances of this hitting the States or anywhere outside Japan: slim to none.

Here’s some music that I’m currently addicted to! And it’s causing lots of inspiration 😉



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