The more and more time goes on the more and more I care about my music. I want to bring the best out and I feel that when I bring the best out, it ends up being on In The Shadows. The albums I have dedicated to my favorite video game franchise:Shin Megami Tensei. The music is just something that hits me emotionally and mentally. And it always puts a smile on my face. I love listening to the SMT: Persona soundtracks and getting inspiration from them. Yoko Kanno is my number 1 favorite composer, but close behind in 2nd place is Shoji Meguro. If you haven’t taken a chance to listen to either of these talented musician’s compositions and music, please do! I have some favorites here I found on Youtube for your listening pleasure:

Yoko Kanno:

Shoji Meguro


About Mark Lynch

My name is Mark but my friends call me Crimzen (used to be Lucky/LuckysRevenge). I'm 23 years old. A writer with constant writer's block, a computer musician, n00b web designer, and I'm trying to live each day at a time with positive energy all around. I want to make it through school and get a career not a job. I want to get my music out there and make my mark in the world. View all posts by Mark Lynch

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