Ron Paul 2012!

So I’ve been gone for a while. Because I’ve actually gotten in to something I have never had any interest in before. And I know some of you are like, yeah finally a MMO!? No…I got in to politics. *crowd silence*

Yes yes, I know, BUT hear me out. I used to not give two shits about politics. Ever. Anyone could come up to me and I would not know who was doing what in the government but only that I didn’t like it and I was very apathetic. And if you’ve read this far please also take the time to watch the videos I’ve posted here in my post as well. Now I’m very positive in a certain direction and I’ve found a politician that is not corrupt and has had the same message over and over since the 80s. Freedom back to the people, Restore our Constitution, and Liberty. I’m talking about Ron Paul. Ron Paul will be the person that saves this country. No one else can or will. It’s all big money and big business. Ron Paul isn’t about that. Ron Paul wants to take down the Federal Reserve. By auditing them and finding out where this money is coming from! Money doesn’t grow on trees and I’m sure the Fed doesn’t have these mythical trees in their back yard. This needs to be stopped.

He wants to take our troops out of countries we don’t need to be involved in and bring them back home. To stop nit-picking in other peoples countries and wars. People say all the time that Obama brought the troops home! He did not, he brought them home on the date Bush has set for them to come home!  Ron Paul’s response was we marched in we can march right now, just come home.

Not only that but people have a huge misconception that Ron Paul wants to cut military spending that would cost soldiers jobs and somehow cost people jobs in America as well. He wants none of that. He wants to cut spending OVERSEAS. If anything he would be making more bases here! He wants to fortify our country’s defenses and make more jobs here! Check this out:

But it seems we don’t even care about taking our troops out because of these bullshit right here. Can you imagine where we decided to build the world LARGEST US Embassy? Well we built it here:

He is also against the Patriot Act. And act that is supposed to help protect us from a terrorist attack is nothing more than the government using fear to take our freedom. Some other politicians think this bill is amazing that it is needed to bring stability to this country and catch inside terrorists. I view it as something that just give the government the right to barge in to your house and arrest you for being a suspected terrorist or extremist! This stuff will happen one day! Here’s why:

Using Fear To Justify Giving Up Your Freedom:

Allowing an attack to get through to remind us!? And if he was able to he’d allow the government to have full control? This man is Newt Gingrich and he’s running against Ron Paul and has a lot of pull in the media.

Here is Ron Paul on the Patriot Act and Newt Debating Him:

I don’t know…I kind of agree with Dr. Paul here.

There is so much going on in this country today. So much that needs to be changed and worked on. If big corporations and big government continue to sit in seats of power and not think about the people this will go on. We will be monitored and disposed of if considered a threat to their business. We won’t have freedoms to choose how we want to live. Ron Paul wants to leave the freedom up to the States! Do you want same sex marriage? Vote for it, get it passed, your State will make it legal. You don’t want it? Vote against it! We will eventually have States that have certain legal laws to where the people that want to live that way can go to that State and be happy! Or even better yet, change their State! He wants to help us achieve this goal. His biggest threat is the people that watch all his videos and agree with him and say: ‘I like Ron Paul…but he’s not going to win…my vote won’t count’ That’s why he will lose if people like that don’t stand up and vote for him! We can make this happen, we can make the difference, we are the people! And Ron Paul doesn’t say I will do this, he says WE will do this! Please get yourself informed. Look up more videos!

I am an administrator in a group on Facebook called Making Friends Through Ron Paul, if you are a Ron Paul supporter you should join! And if you are not and are one now, join! Please spread the word! You can find the group by clicking here. I leave you with this video:


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