Binary Night – The Review

Bandcamp is an extraordinary service for musicians and I truly see it being the future of music distribution. I have found so many great artists through this and using this service myself. I can personally tell you that 90% of what you pay goes straight to the artist! So when I donated to Alex, I knew he was getting the majority of it.

This album is free just so you know! But it does have a ‘Choose Your Price’ option if you wish to pay something for it.  I quickly donated a bit to Alex and chose the format I wished to have it in. Another cool thing is the ability to add more into the downloads besides just music. Not only did I have the full album with tags ready to go straight to my media player, I also had a ton of art and alternative covers from Alex! As well as an awesome PDF of liner notes. Freaking cool!

Welcome To Seahaven immediately starts to sweep me into a chill ambient chiptune wonderland. I smile and sit back to let the sounds sink into my brain. Hearing the audio clips and once it finally finished up left me with a smile on my face. Satisfied I awaited to hear the rest.

Great Wall Calling definitely has some oriental vibes throughout it’s mix. And certain of the sounds reminded me a bit of Zelda Ocarina of Time. When you’re in the Zora’s Domain. These types of songs always seem to bring out a bit of nostalgia for me.

Stab In The Light already has me thinking of a side-scroller, one in particular Castlevania. This has an eerie ambient feel to it. Like I’m not yet fully in the castle and I’m fighting of bats on fire and zombies breaking through the earth trying to claw me down into a dark abyss. But of course this won’t happen to us adventurers. We fight on! And it ends with us passing through the nightmare, cleaning the blood and dirt from our swords, and trekking forward.

Broken Binary is to me where Alex’s sound is most prominent. It has so many ambient and chiptune elements it’s like a treat for your ears. It also reminds me of something the Gorillaz would do as well! A very unique track that is one of my favorites on here so far. I feel that this could even have lyrics put to it.

Block Ghoul House is such a fun track! Especially with the coin effect and how it’s used in this song. I’ve heard this sound being used in a lot of Mario style dubstep songs and remixes. But this is truly an artful way to use it. I feel like No More Heroes where you just slice and dice people up and they all turn into coins. This track holds a fun yet serious vibe to it which is hard to do, but Alex pulls it off!

Rising Dune, here’s another one of my top favorites on this album. Rising Dune is a ninja space opera war in one song. I can’t tell you how epic this track is. It also reminds me of Machinae Supremacy’s Ninja. This tune has already sparked imagination and inspiration in me for writing.

Ok so by now this album has been an exciting, fun, unique, and awesome music experience for my ears. I hope you have already downloaded this or are going to. Because it keeps getting more and more epic! Free Man has an appropriate track title. Listening to this I pictured a desert punk in a sci-fi setting that finally escaped his imprisonment and triumphed in an epic battle. And he’s walking further into the sunset looking for another place to try and settle down as he reflects his recent adventure.

Swirlion Intermission is great and sets up for an awesome track that is another favorite of mine on this album. It has the right amount of build and in itself is not just an interlude but holds it’s own as a solid track. Which leads to another solid song…

AcouSID, wow. An incredible song. Right now it’s becoming harder and harder to pick my favorites because this whole album is packed with goodness. This follows the Free Man theme in my opinion. It has the nostalgia and the feel of accomplishment. A successful warrior’s reflection on his battles.  Great job!

The Rain Falls Only On Me has a very emotional ambient vibe to it. It brings out a lot in me to be honest. The feeling of no one understanding you or where you’re coming from. Feeling the waves of emotion flow over you. To searching for the light, finding someone to connect with. And then through the rain and gloom, you do! There is light. And the song ends on that happy note.

Gerudo Valley, what can I say but nostalgia galore! What an amazing remix! Not to mention this being one of my favorite Zelda songs of all time. It’s slow and mellow feel is completely welcome to the other super fast paced mixes I’ve heard of this song. Freaking great job!

Now for the mecca, Broken Binary Part 2. Wow this 8 minute and 22 second epic is quite amazing. Probably one of Alex Cridford’s best. This whole song brings together everything that he has done so far. The best of the best and combined it into one song! I love this whole album and this song just tops it off!

Two remixes are also on this album and they are great bonus tracks. Traikan did a superb job! The other remix on there was done by me and it got positive reviews so I’m definitely learning how to keep doing remixes now 😀 Traikan’s remix is like 10x better imo though hahahaa

It’s A Life a great conclusion to this awesome album. This album has so much unique vibes that I can honestly say that I’ve never heard before anywhere. It pulled out emotion in me, happiness, and a bit of reflection. This album for me made me feel very reflective. Not in a bad way but a very very good way! This whole album makes you feel like you have accomplished something so I can only imagine how it will make you feel to listen to this right after you’ve accomplished something. It’s a virtual pat on the back. Good job warrior! That’s how this album made me feel. So you should definitely go download this now! Spread the word and get this album out there for more people to experience!

I walked away feeling accomplished, happy, and satisfied. Like I just won a grand battle and I’m on the ride home. Amazing job Alex Cridford aka Hadou!

Click Here to go straight to the Bandcamp Page or copy the link here into your browser:


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