Netflixin’ Again

Ok so tonight I’m have another Netflix-athon like I did before and we start off with a movie called Choose. It’s the story of a killer that kills people in gruesome ways they have to choose from. One would think that this movie has a pretty decent plot and could end up being a pretty good movie. Here’s what I learned. Do not go off of how many stars it has received on Netflix. Go off of if the description sounds interesting. Now I thought the description was interesting so regardless of stars I started to play it.

It has your basic killer/slasher plot with semi-good acting that you hope improves as the story goes on. Whoever filmed this movie did a fantastic job! And what I mean by that is, locations, camera sweeps/angles, and use of lighting was awesome. I would get this person to film my movie. But keep in mind this is the only good thing about this movie. If the person that filmed this movie had any control in the writing process I bet this movie would have turned out awesome.

I was able to call every single thing that happened in this movie. Except for one moment where someone gets shot in the face, that was unexpected and made me jump a little. So we’ve got one ‘jump moment’ that lasted about 5 seconds and then was gone (and that was near the very end of the movie). The plot sums up (not giving anything away) and you’re left going, REALLY? That’s is? That’s what they could come up with? Everything in this movie could have been turned around and worthy of at the most 4 out of 5 if they had ended it well. This ending besidesThe Mist is probably one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t watch this movie it sucks.

Afterwards I turned my attention to The Roast of Charlie Sheen and that was way more entertaining.


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