Maybe I’m A Jaded Movie Watcher

That just seems to remember the good old days where movies were original and things that were weird and never seen before weren’t muddled with digital effects but make-up. Making you think that the monster was real, in front of you, and tearing characters from limb to limb. I feel that I’m the same way towards anime now too. If I see an anime that’s mostly CG, I turn it off. I want hand drawn damnit!

Which brings me to a form of movies that I believe is the worst form of movies out there: Found Footage Movies. Now I haven’t seen Chronicle so I’m not judging that one and I have seen The Blair Witch Project and I’m not counting those here. But every found footage movie I have seen ends the same way: They all die! I mean what other way can it go? It’s found footage! Meaning it’s been found so the original people must be dead or missing.

Apollo 18 has nailed shut the coffin for these movies for me. I will go watch Chronicle one day only because I hear it’s actually pretty good and using the Found Footage motif in a better way. So I’ll give that hope. But Apollo 18 was mildly entertaining. Not as bad as saying I want the hours of my life back. Just another movie that’s unoriginal that doesn’t ‘shock me to my core’. Come on, people in the 80s and 90s were redefining movies. I for one feel that I could make mind blowing movies if given the chance. I really don’t know how these people get the money to do this and have it suck so bad, yet keep making movies? It’s beyond me. I’m not even going to write about how bad Apollo 18 is, just go watch and see for yourself. After all opinions matter and this one is mine. It sucked.


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My name is Mark but my friends call me Crimzen (used to be Lucky/LuckysRevenge). I'm 23 years old. A writer with constant writer's block, a computer musician, n00b web designer, and I'm trying to live each day at a time with positive energy all around. I want to make it through school and get a career not a job. I want to get my music out there and make my mark in the world. View all posts by Mark Lynch

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