The Playstation ‘Orbis’ 4

Okay so there is talk going around about the next cash cow…er, I mean, next generation consoles. Xbox has theirs dubbed Durango and Sony’s is dubbed Orbis. I though these consoles were still a long ways off. But then again it has been 6 to 8 years. I just got my Playstation 3! So I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am, when Sony rears it’s ugly head with it’s rumored specs.

This is all just rumor at the moment. Things that could very well change before the release. The funny thing is that one of these specs was what they were trying to do with with the Playstation 3. And that was a feature that would completely eliminate used games. But wait! The difference this time is, that you will still be able to sale used games! You just won’t get a full game and have to buy an unlock code or pass to get the full game after buying it used. If that’s the case what games will have how much content out of it? Does this mean Gamestop will basically be selling demo copies? Because what they are selling is truly a demo, it’s not full until you (the customer) pay to get the full game.

For this to happen they are linking all games to your Playstation Network account. Basically it becomes Steam. This even means to play Single-Player you have to be connected to the internet… No offense but I know a lot of people that don’t have amazing internet or no internet at all. I think this is a horrible idea! I hope that if this is what they plan to do that Gamestop stands up like they did before. Because I’m sure once Gamestop backs out of carrying their new system and games that will put a huge dent in sales.

I like, however, linking your games to your account. And being able to download full games to your PS4. Here’s what I don’t like. Ps4 will have no backwards compatibility. And that means anything not PS4. No PS1, PS2, or PS3! What the hell Sony? I thought you would have learned your lesson with the Ps3! We want backwards compatibility. But now I just get a PS3 (yes I just did, I’m sorry I wasn’t on the PS3 bandwagon for a while and there’s this little thing called money that I didn’t have/still don’t) does that mean that soon as next year I could not have any new games to play? And same goes for my Xbox 360.

This is all rumor but still. It’s not unlikely this could be very true and if it is. Well I’m not going to be buying these systems for a long time. My hope is that my favorite gaming publisher (ATLUS) will make some Persona games for the Ps3 and not skip it and go to the new Xbox or PS4.


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