Next Gen Systems?

Ok so with all the talk going around the internet about these new gen systems. I’ve been researching this and trying to find as much info as possible. I don’t know the exact specs but I do know what they said about certain systems. The Playstation Orbis for instance will be able to pump out more HD graphics than the PS3 and be able to play on larger high definition TVs without choppiness (mainly the 3D HD games in 1080p) which is impressive. If I cared about 3D.

I have a 30 inch TV. In my room that’s not that big. I’m perfectly fine with the graphics. Then again I’ve never been a guy that cared about how many blades of grass he could see [while limitless amusing to me having ADD (hitting roots in Oblivion to see dust fall amazed me for hours)] But when it boils down to it, for me it’s all about the gameplay, not the graphics.

Gameplay is the most important part, I feel, in video games. You could have the most amazing effects, talented voice acting, and a big company to back the game up and still have a crappy game. I view it like a movie. It doesn’t have to be an Academy Award Winner for me, just make it fun and make it so I keep coming back for more! Maybe this is why the next generation is being ushered in. Maybe they hear the sighs of millions of gamers disappointed by the so-called Game of the Year…

Then it comes down to the economy, and yes I’m talking about money. After all these years I’ve been able to just now get a PS3. I have just now been able to get the internet to play on Xbox Live. Some say might say: What rock have you been living under? Well the rock of every normal person that lives just outside the range of good internet! There’s tons of people out there like that, believe me, I’ve talked to them. So the new Playstation and the new Xbox? I don’t have the money to buy you right now. I want to play what you already have right now! That you can still do some good in!

Right now I play most of the blockbuster games and I’m left with a meh feeling. Some good moments but still some really bad. And I feel that if they’re developing these new consoles will they do away with the 360 and PS3 entirely? Sony seems to be heading that direction and returning to the motive of destroying used games. I get that you want the developers to get more money to make more games, I get that. And I support that. What I don’t support is having that used game linked to my account and my account only. That’s a horrible idea! I have to be connected to your online network just to boot up single-player? Bad move Sony and bad move Microsoft. If this is in the final stages of your system I won’t buy. If I want that I’ll just go on Steam and play on my PC. Console games are made for the home and that’s why.

And also we’re getting into more gadgets. What is up with that? I have a Kinect and a Move and I rarely even use them. They’re all fun for about a day or two then I pick my controller back up and play regular games. These motion controls and 3D are complete gimmicks. Yet people buy them up. And that’s why they’re being implemented in these newer consoles about to come out. These things must stop. If I want a Wii… I’ll buy a Wii.

That’s all I have to rant about at the moment. I’m sure I’ll rant more later.



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