I was sitting here thinking of movies. We watch them all the time. We have hits and misses that are forever embedded in our minds as either entertainment or waste. And I have to wonder how certain franchises lose their luster over time? Being a fan you stick out to the end of every sequel regardless what the critics or your friends say. And sometimes you’re mildly entertained and sometimes you just lower your head with disappointment after you hit the 3rd or 4th film.

I love to read books. In fact it has been a long time since I read. And recently I started up again. I have to say that authors spend about the same amount of time that film makers do, creating a franchise, yet they seem to hold it up well. And I know book to movie is a very large comparison, it might actually be a tad bit unfair. But I can’t help but read these books and wonder exactly how hard it is to put it on screen.

This might not be the best example, but, The Lord of The Rings. I think that was done superbly well. I love those movies. Not just because I’m a fan of the books, but knowing that it is a challenge to go from book to movie, and seeing that it can be done! With enough spirit and imagination, it can be done. So why is it not continued? How come other film makers versions of their favorite books turned in to shit on screen? Peter Jackson was a huge fan of The Lord of The Rings and look what he did with those movies. And over years of movies that had improved digital graphics. He was still able to maintain a great cast, action, and story. Why aren’t more people like this? Showing that much passion?

Sometimes I feel like certain film makers start out great right with their first movie. But when they continue to make more. They lose so much. I can understand wanting to do something new. But don’t try and out-do the last film. The last film that gained such critical acclaim, don’t try and upstage it. Upstaging it can turn it into a mindless action flick or make your cliffhanger for the third film flop.

I’d like to make a script for at least three films. Telling one giant story. Have it begin in the first and end in the third. It can be done.Spider-Man 1 and 2 was great.

Start of my Spider-Man 3 Bashing:

The third film was horrible. And it showed majorly. I enjoyed the first film and the second. I like the Green Goblin story arch and having Harry turn into Green Goblin later. My God, emo Peter Parker needed to go. Evil Peter Parker is better. But that whole hair flip, emo, I hate the world Peter was crap. That’s not how it was and those parts are supposed to be dark and gritty. Not comical. They tried to incorporate Sandman and Venom in the same film. Sam Raimi has said that he loves Spider-Man. Since his childhood he’s been a fan. So Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Sandman would be up his alley. Venom is not. And it shows that Venom is not. The person he got to portray Venom was horrible. They should have honestly picked someone better than Sandman. But if they had continued that, sure it would have been okay. But don’t put Venom in there. If so, have Venom come in the end with Peter Parker getting rid of the symbiote suit at the clock tower. Get someone new to play Eddie Brock (I don’t really mind, but anyone besides that kid from That 70’s Show) Venom needed to be like 2x bigger than he was. And there you go. Set up for a 4th movie without the shit.

Anyone can step their game up. Keep the passion going. Get actors that share that passion. And get it done! I want to do this one day. And I hope that I can be up there with the likes of Peter Jackson when I start to do this.


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