Awesome Art Coming

Some awesome art is on the way, being commissioned by a deviantart artist by the name of: nyarko, his art is quite amazing and I highly recommend that you check it out. Here’s the link to his work:

As many know from reading my blog that I am a huge Shin Megami Tensei fan. I love the games in that series. And from playing the Persona ones I have grown to love the music behind not only the Persona games but all of the SMT games as well. It inspired me to make music similar to those games. That’s what spawned my In The Shadows album series. Fused with atmospheric, jazzy, and trip-hop styles. I love making this music showing tribute to the games I like to play. And nyarko has shown amazing talent drawing and painting pictures showing his love for these games too.

Since the ATLUS fans are called The Faithful, I would like to create a whole Shin Megami Tensei collaboration of fan work all geared towards those games. I don’t want it to just stop with my music and nyarko’s art. I want to extend this to something all on it’s own. A site even, dedicated to fans creating fan related material in the SMT world. I want to create graphic novels, music, mythology, and even possibly fan made ideas for future games. Or maybe get it big enough to where if voted upon by the fans, and ATLUS happens to see it, puts some of these ideas into future games. The sky’s the limit and I want to make this happen!

I can’t wait to see what nyarko comes up with and stay tuned for more SMT goodness. Are you an artist? Do you make things inspired by SMT? Get a hold of me, let’s collaborate, or get started creating this fan site/group!


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