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Busy doesn’t only vaguely describes my schedule lately. Pulling 12 hour shifts, reaching overtime, and sleeping. I finally have my computer running online again. My laptop is completely dead. I have my music software re-installed so I can start to create music again 😀 That will be refreshing I’ve had a long hiatus, longer than I wanted it to be.

The thing that’s been taking up most of my time and what I’m hugely addicted to is this website

Persona holds a huge place in my life. My favorite video games all fall into the Shin Megami Tensei series. And as you all know I have 3 Volumes of music dedicated to those games. Now this website lets me play my music as well as my fav tracks from that game. And I’ve created quite the fan base through it. My likes on Facebook have jumped and the Lobby I created on is The Velvet Room. It’s become so popular amongst Persona fans that I created it’s own Facebook page as well.

I try to play in it nightly but I also have an assistant Theo that DJs for me when I’m not there. My user on there is Crimzen, of course 😉 If you ever have the time check it out! You can see when the Lobby is open by just going to it here: or liking the Facebook page here:

Also I’m hoping to play a set soon with my fellow musician friend XandrosUltima, no official date has been set yet. But when it happens we will rock your socks off for sure 🙂 Just a quick update.

Oh yes, the new Machinae Supremacy album is DONE, waiting on album art and all the finalization thingys. And work has OFFICIALLY begun on Persona 5, W00T for the awesomeness!


Internet is BACK!

So the day has finally come when I’ve been able to re-afford internet for my home! Oh glorious day! I feel that for the past 4 months I’ve been living without my arms! Or legs… Either or it feels like something was returned to me like family and that means you will see me posting a lot more in my blog now! As well as seeing more updates on the Persona Graphic novel I’m writing, and of course hearing random music goodness that I come up with.

Praise the lands and all the goodies that flow from the goodness river… It’s 3am right now and I don’t even know what I’m saying so here’s a new track:

And you’ll hear more from me tomorrow! Goodnight all! 😀

Anticipating Art and Price Drops!

The artwork for the 3 Volumes of In The Shadows is complete! I’m just waiting for the e-mail so I can finally see them. I’m still very excited!

While scanning through Amazon today I saw some really great deals! If you ever wanted to check out the Persona games or the regular Shin Megami Tensei series, most of their games are on sale on Amazon for 19.99! Here’s the link to Persona 4:

If you scan around I saw Persona 3 FES, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, and Digital Devil Saga for 19.99 as well. Great deals, especially right now in the summer. Usually you can’t find one of these under 30 bucks.

Toonami’s Back!

There’s something that I just found out and I think it deserves it’s own blog post. The picture states it all and all I have to say is, I’m fucking stoked…bitches 😛

Some Inspirations

So thinking of ways to write I’m trying my hand at some short stories. Getting inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker you can expect them to be inspiring to what I’m writing about. Crazy fantasy horror. I just watched the Candyman and I have to say that was a clever and good horror movie! So was Hellraiser, I watched that just now. All based on Clive Barker short stories. Hellraiser is just grotesque with so many good underlying meanings. In between all the violence it’s a great horror tale. It has me greatly interested in Barker’s work now. Especially that of Abarat. I’ve done some research on that series and it seems like it would be a fun read! I can’t wait to get the first book. Other inspiration lies in the music. Which is my own. Get ready because on Friday March 30th my new album drops! So get ready! While you wait you can check out mcimages for some awesome art that he let’s me use for my albums. And then check out my album Static. It’s now available and resurrected from the vault.

Megashii EP!

So trekking through some status updates on Facebook I see that a fellow musician friend of mine has a new EP! xD

I give you: Megashii EP! It’s totally free and awesome so please give it a listen below and download!!

Ok So I’m Stoked

First off if you are reading this and have not heard of Machinae Supremacy, I urge to you go here: and check out the most amazing band in the universe. And make sure you check the Downloads section for a seriously crap ton of free music by them!

Machinae Supremacy’s new album has now started in it’s production process. They’re creating it and I’m pretty sure that’s the best news I’m going to hear in a while. Because of this, it has pumped me up to keep making music and get my new album out there. On top of that there’s some rumors floating around (Keep in mind these are just RUMORS) but:

Hubnester lives has been an ominous tweet from Rob stating that. And after that we’re wondering several different things. Could their old company be coming back alive? Is Rob working on his graphic novel? Is this a sequel to Hubnester Inferno and could it be linked to his graphic novel? Since there’s an underlying story connection between Hubnester Inferno and Oki Kuma’s Adventure? Ah questions questions. All needing to be answered. Soon though we should find out more info.