Updates Galore!

So many projects are piling up, but it’s not a bad thing! Because now they are all what I want to do. Having what I want to do is so much better than doing things that I don’t want to do for other people. Where’s the happiness in that? The graphic novel project has undergone some changes. Now it’s going to be more of a novel with a lot of illustrations between the story. So it’s still technically a graphic novel right? 😀 Nyarko is still doing art but I don’t want to overwhelm him right now. He’s still going to make badass art and we’re still going to see this project through. Depending on the reaction and how it turns out is whether we’ll spend more time on it expanding it and creating something more advanced.

Also my buddy Demon (Damien to you humans) is putting together a website for his Sports Talk show: The Pit. But here’s the cool thing. Now Demon wants to go further than just Sports. He’s recruited me and our other friend Korski in to help him review and discuss a lot more than just Sports. Now it will be more than just Sports Talk. It will be The Pit with multiple avenues. I’ll be helping Demon and Korski review video games, movies/tv, and music. The sports will still be there and there will be so much more as well. It’s going to be a blast I just know it!

Along with The Pit I’m going to be designing some new logos for Demon and coming up with website designs. So look forward to that in the future!

In the realm of music, I’m still creating! Always evolving. I also have a side project that I want to see come to fruition and that’s my indie label. Basically a marketing tool to get not just mine, but other underground artists music out there in the world. Putting compilations together and promoting it all through Bandcamp (oh that wonderful service). I came up with the idea in the MaSu forums like where many great ideas start. All from the hub that is Machinae Supremacy. They are truly the inspiration to a lot of things I do. The name of the label is Rogue World Industries because one day I hope to do more with it than just music 😀

So for this nice long update here are some things for you guys! Listen to my new WIP: IDWB

And it’s still under construction but I’ll love you forever if you go like Rogue World Industries on Facebook right now! 😀 Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rogue-World-Industries/232376330130011

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Seriously all my followers, you guys/gals rock socks for real! I wouldn’t be anything without my followers and those that appreciate what I do. And if any of you play Xbox 360 at all and play Call of Duty or Gears of War 3, you should totally message me or comment below so we can play sometime I’ll totally accept!

PS: In The Shadows Volume 1 just hit over 150 album downloads since it’s release WOW! Thank you so much for listening and downloading that puts a smile on my face!! ^_^


Graphic Novel Project

These are exciting times. I have a new job, I have internet again, and I’ve been writing a story for a Graphic Novel! Based completely off the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series from ATLUS. I’m so excited that I can’t even express in words how much fun it is to work on this. I have an amazing artist that’s agreed to help me in this adventure. His name is Nyarko and you can find his deviantart here: http://www.nyarko.deviantart.com Take a look at his amazing art!

More updates soon, but I’ve already said too much :D. It will all be under wraps. There may be a promotional poster as a teaser soon ^_^

The World

The world is always an unfair place. It’s sad but true. Nothing will ever go your way. It’s inevitable. No matter how nice you are, no matter how happy you are, and no matter how behaved you act: The world will shit on everything you love.

I try my best to find a ray of light in the darkness and a hope that one day I can be out of this place. Seeing not only what I have to go through but my lover as well. It’s down right gut wrenching. The money goes as it comes in. It’s hard to save but I am saving for once in my life. And things that we get in trouble for are for nothing at all. It’s strange to get yelled at and put down when you’re doing everything right. You think you’re not stepping on any toes and just staying out of the way and you still get crushed.

Praise God when I’m completely on my own with my wifey. Because that will be the day when I can say I’ll be truly 100% happy.

A Great Song

I’m working on quite a bit lately. It’s so nice to have internet sometimes I forget that I can just come home and hop on my laptop and use it 😉 Four months without it has been quite annoying. So I’ve been collectively working on story arcs. Working on some good music. And staying active and busy in my new job which is great!

Just wanted to give a quick update with that. There will be more coming soon I assure you. For right now I’ll leave you with this song that I heard from a fellow friend via the MaSu forums! Check it out I think you will enjoy it:

Progressing and Just Plain Excited!

So the more and more I see the art Nyarko is coming up with. The more and more I get excited about this graphic novel project! I can’t show anything yet. Stuff has to be top secret 🙂 But I assure you it’s looking quite amazing. I’m going over story and plot. Fleshing out good story arc ideas. I have the main plot but I want to have good and interesting story arcs. The first one is of course going to be the slowest. Introducing the characters, their Personas, and getting them to the start of the main plot. The Beginning Arc is going to be the hardest to conquer. But it will get there soon!

Also I’ve decided to add a few extras to In The Shadows Volume 4 😀 so stay tuned for that!

And my next album might fall in sync with the release of the graphic novel. I want to have a good soundtrack that reminiscent of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchise as well as something different from In The Shadows as well.

Internet is BACK!

So the day has finally come when I’ve been able to re-afford internet for my home! Oh glorious day! I feel that for the past 4 months I’ve been living without my arms! Or legs… Either or it feels like something was returned to me like family and that means you will see me posting a lot more in my blog now! As well as seeing more updates on the Persona Graphic novel I’m writing, and of course hearing random music goodness that I come up with.

Praise the lands and all the goodies that flow from the goodness river… It’s 3am right now and I don’t even know what I’m saying so here’s a new track:

And you’ll hear more from me tomorrow! Goodnight all! 😀

Keeping The Blade OUT NOW!

Keeping The Blade OUT NOW! Get your copy today! Tell your friends and spread the word! Let me know what you think of the new album