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Rise of a Digital Nation

So there have been many things that I’ve wanted to do. Time never seems to be on my side either. I have so many projects going around that it’s almost overwhelming. BUT that’s okay, because all of these projects are awesome!

Ever since I discovered this website plug.dj I’ve been addicted to it. I’ve been able to play my own music and gained some popularity by creating the Velvet Room lobby and playing my favorite Persona and SMT tunes. Mixing my own in there as well randomly. It has been a blast and I hope to continue to run the lobby! I even have an assistant running it now as well. And if you ever want to drop in and listen to some awesome tunes, feel free to do so! You can see whenever the lobby is open by liking us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheVelvetRoomLobby

And of course my main project Sleeping Awake is still around. New music is coming soon. I got some mixed reviews on my Keeping the Blade album. It was very experimental but I loved the sounds and I made some new fans through it so I’m pleased. Like I always do, I just create what I like to hear 😀 And through the Velvet Room Lobby I have found some more people that dig my music so that’ s a huge plus! Makes me smile too. The number of fans on the Sleeping Awake Facebook page has increased significantly. I’m so stoked!

To everyone though: Thank you for all your support and love through everything! I promise I will never sell-out or sell my soul to a record company. I will forever remain on Bandcamp and underground as much as possible. I want to play all the big clubs one day. But I want to do it off hard earned success not because I have some record company pushing my music saying it’s the next best thing. I want fans who truly dig what I put out and not have anyone tell me what is supposed to sound good.

Freedom of writing, music, and speech! The internet is a wonderful thing. We’re the Digital Nation right now people and that leads me to my next update. Everyone that has followed my blog since the beginning probably know about my number 1 favorite band. It’s Machinae Supremacy. And they have a brand new album coming out! Oct. 19th will be the release! And it’s called Rise of a Digital Nation. The album cover is sick too:

Going back to Sleeping Awake. I have a new track uploaded called Subtle Things and it’s pretty much complete probably going to be the intro track for the new album after In The Shadows Volume 4 is released. So that’s two albums coming your way folks! Some more Persona jazz fusion style electronica and another SA official release 😀 So now for that song preview, let me know what you think:

Another teaser here… CLU3 has something coming soon!

Many more updates to come! Thank you for all who diligently check my blog. I should be back in the swing of replying and updating all my social sites soon lol. Check back soon!


Big Moves Coming

So there’s a lot going on. I’ve been working a lot for other people. Building websites and helping around. So time is limited and it sucks even more when I have no internet access most of the time. So time is of the essence and I’ve had more time to chill with my laptop not connected to the internet and that has resulted in some crazy things.

One was CLU3. That’s my side chiptune music project that started out as a bunch of random noise that I put together because I was running out of imagination for my next Sleeping Awake In The Shadows album. From working through some crazy tunes and finding some awesome retro samples to tweak around with, I ended up with BITSTORM. Now after delving a bit deeper and putting more of my style into it, I’ve got another album from CLU3 coming out next Friday, May 11th called Panoramic Pixel View. And if you download that you’ll get a bunch of awesome extras. Including bonus album art and wallpapers. And if you have a Facebook, I would totally appreciate it if you could go to the CLU3 Facebook Page and ‘Like’ it, that would totally make my day!

Now I’ve also got some regular things planned out for Sleeping Awake. In The Shadows Volume 4 is slowly coming along. I really want this to have some amazing tracks, nothing lackluster. But in between I have been working on some regular Sleeping Awake tracks that may or may not make their way to Soundcloud and Youtube. Let’s just say that there’s something big coming in the future and it’s going to be awesome. If not to the world, it will be awesome to me 😉

Please support my projects if you take the time to listen, read, and download. It would mean everything to me to see an extra Like, Follow, Listen, or Download. It’s what makes me smile when I log on to the internet to see someone else who liked my music and started to share it and follow me.

And for everyone that already has and continues to do so, THANK YOU! You are more awesome than you know!

Please Help Me Spread The Word!

So I’ve grown to love my little side project CLU3 and started to really try this Chiptune avenue and see what I could make. And I like it. I’m not sure how well it bodes to the rest of the world’s ears but I enjoy what I’ve come up so far. This time I decided to give it a bit of hype before just releasing it under peoples noses and saying: ‘Hey check out this new stuff’ Now you’ve got about a whole week in advance.

I’m trying to get people in to this just as they are in to my Sleeping Awake stuff. Now it is different, some people may not like it and that’s okay. But if you have listened to BITSTORM and like this little side project of mine, please show some love by doing these small little things:

1. Like the Facebook page! So far only 2 likes, I would love to have more and people talking about it, here’s the Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CLU3/227745803994325

2. If you have a Soundcloud start following me there as well: http://www.soundcloud.com/clu3

3. Download BITSTORM if you haven’t already! It’s totally free, just when clicking Buy Now just enter 0.00 and it’s yours for free! Here’s the link to the BITSTORM album: http://clu3.bandcamp.com/album/bitstorm

4. Pre-order the new album Panoramic Pixel View! You get 3 free songs off the bat plus when it releases on May 11th, you’ll get a ton of awesome bonus album art and wallpapers. Once again totally free, just put in 0.00 or if you think it’s worth some actually money you can always put in whatever amount you wish! Here’s the link: http://clu3.bandcamp.com/album/panoramic-pixel-view

And to anyone that does this, thank you x100000000! Because it would make my day!

OMGZ Snow Elves

So lots of my time has been spent in the Elder Scrolls universe. Mainly Skyrim. And there has been some code that someone found in one of the new patches that suggests what could be lying in wait in the Expansion. Snow Elves! You know those darn elves that were once a prominent race amongst the rest of Skyrim. Well they could be making a comeback and that comeback could be in the form of an Expansion Pack. As well as MF’n Crossbows! I for one would be stoked to have a crossbow. That’s just me though.

In other news, new project CLU3! You should totally go download my album, it’s free. And I have more coming very soon. This chiptune stuff is so awesome. So what are you waiting for? Get to downloading!

Scanning for CLU3s

So the CLU3 album is out. For free download too! You should definitely take a listen. I’ve grown to love these random short tracks. Awesome new project. Also it’d be cool if any random indie game developers would be willing to make a game with me. I have a couple of ideas but lack the knowledge in game creation. Nothing fancy. Just a 2D platformer in the style of MegaMan meets Mario.

Here’s the album, give it some love!


My new favorite word for my new favorite short tracks from the mind of Vulture now turned Clu3.

So if you dig the short mixes of weirdness please follow my new project! Check it out here:

In other news, I’m busy with web building when I can with internet and that’s pretty much it at the moment. Wishing I had internet back at the house so I can do fun stuff.

After Much Debate

I have finally decided to continue In The Shadows. What started out as a Reincarnation effort, I’ve decided to not do that. But make Volume 4. I tried to remix/extend some of the original songs but they didn’t turn out good and I ended up still liking the original better. So that idea is now scrapped.

With that said I have made some really awesome tracks for ITSV4 and let me say that they may not be super long, but they will definitely put a smile on your face! Some of the most feel good and some of the most ambient stuff I’ve accomplished so far.

There’s also another project that I have on the side called CLU3. It’s mainly for getting that frustration out of not knowing what to make. Once I made a couple of random chaotic songs it actually helped me concentrate on making Persona style songs. You can check out my chaotic side here:

Wondering what happened to Vulture? Well I took his emblem and used it for Sleeping Awake and then I evolved Vulture into CLU3 😉