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My First Livestream!

This Saturday I’m doing my first Livestream online! I’m using a site that I just found and I’m totally digging called: plug.dj! It let’s me stream my music online and have people join the stream via the browser and listen in on what I’m playing! It’s awesome, like a virtual concert so to speak! There will be a chat bar in the lobby as well so you can chat with me and other listeners. I will not only be playing my music but some of my favorite tunes as well!

The stream will take place on Saturday August 4th starting at 1pm and lasting until 4 pm. That’s 3 hours of party hosted by yours truly Crimzen 😀

If you have a Facebook and would like to join the Event I have the link for the Event Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/284962421611248/

To get the direct link to the Livestream check back on this blog, Event Page, or Sleeping Awake Facebook page for it on Saturday. I can’t supply a link right now because it has to be unique to the lobby on the day of.

If the times I have selected don’t work, no fear! I’m going to be doing multiple of these every weekend at varying times. So stay tuned I’ll announce more dates and times soon! I hope to see you on Saturday listening to my tunes and my favorites 😀 also to keep in mind: You can keep the lobby open in a tab and do other things online. As long as you keep it open in a tab or minimized you can still listen and view other things online 😀


Keeping The Blade OUT NOW!

Keeping The Blade OUT NOW! Get your copy today! Tell your friends and spread the word! Let me know what you think of the new album

Big Moves Coming

So there’s a lot going on. I’ve been working a lot for other people. Building websites and helping around. So time is limited and it sucks even more when I have no internet access most of the time. So time is of the essence and I’ve had more time to chill with my laptop not connected to the internet and that has resulted in some crazy things.

One was CLU3. That’s my side chiptune music project that started out as a bunch of random noise that I put together because I was running out of imagination for my next Sleeping Awake In The Shadows album. From working through some crazy tunes and finding some awesome retro samples to tweak around with, I ended up with BITSTORM. Now after delving a bit deeper and putting more of my style into it, I’ve got another album from CLU3 coming out next Friday, May 11th called Panoramic Pixel View. And if you download that you’ll get a bunch of awesome extras. Including bonus album art and wallpapers. And if you have a Facebook, I would totally appreciate it if you could go to the CLU3 Facebook Page and ‘Like’ it, that would totally make my day!

Now I’ve also got some regular things planned out for Sleeping Awake. In The Shadows Volume 4 is slowly coming along. I really want this to have some amazing tracks, nothing lackluster. But in between I have been working on some regular Sleeping Awake tracks that may or may not make their way to Soundcloud and Youtube. Let’s just say that there’s something big coming in the future and it’s going to be awesome. If not to the world, it will be awesome to me 😉

Please support my projects if you take the time to listen, read, and download. It would mean everything to me to see an extra Like, Follow, Listen, or Download. It’s what makes me smile when I log on to the internet to see someone else who liked my music and started to share it and follow me.

And for everyone that already has and continues to do so, THANK YOU! You are more awesome than you know!

Dimensions: The Rise & The Fall

On Friday, March 30th 2012 I will be releasing a double album. At first I decided to create 7 extra hidden tracks on top of the 7 tracks already there and have a ‘dark side’ of the disc. But after listening to it in full and hearing the huge differences in style. I decided to split them in to two albums. I give you:

Dimensions: The Rise

  1. Always
  2. Tables Are Turning
  3. S.M.B.
  4. Air
  5. In The Clouds
  6. Hexadecimator
  7. Gateway

Dimensions: The Fall

  1. Decisions of The Anti-Hero
  2. The Last Romance
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Struggling To Carry On
  5. Digital Death Dealer
  6. Revealed on Release Date
  7. Revealed on Release Date

So please, please spread the word! Get the message out about my new album! It will be available in a Pay What You Want option. So if you want to pay 5 dollars for both albums. Just put 3 in for one and 2 in for the other. If you have no money, no problem! I still want you to have my album! Just put in 0.00 and you’re set 😉



Enjoy Your Own Music

When everything boils down to creating anything, it’s about what you enjoy. How can you enjoy anything if you are catering to a crowd? Make what you love and don’t look back. Take advice when it’s given of course to help evolve yourself. But if you can’t enjoy it then you shouldn’t make it. Let it course through your veins. Sometimes it takes a while for this to happen. And I can honestly say that besides the In The Shadows albums, this new album I’m making I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying every minute of it. And if you remember some songs I posted a while back that were a preview of sorts of In The Shadows Volume 3. Did you notice some songs on there that weren’t exactly the Persona sound? And didn’t end up on that album? Well they are a part of this album I’m creating now. Soon you’ll be blown away I assure you and hopefully you can appreciate the new heights I’ve tried to achieve. 😉 Right now I’m on at a musical high and I’m not coming down until this album is done!


Are you ready for a completely new song? I hope you enjoy it. I would love as much feedback as possible! So what are you waiting for? Go listen 😀

Binary Night Out Now!

My fellow musician Alex Cridford aka Hadou has a new album and it’s finally out! Free download as well! Listen and download!