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Track Listings

So there’s two new albums coming out soon. In The Shadows Volume 4 and a to be announced Sleeping Awake title. For that such Sleeping Awake album I have a teaser. Those joining my lobby’s on plug.dj have heard these songs already. Here’s the list so far:

  1. Subtle Things
  2. Question Everything
  3. Crystal Moon
  4. Somewhere, There’s Always A Light

Much more to come! Here’s also a quick rundown of ITSV4:

  1. New Season
  2. I Won’t Let You Die Alone
  3. Ode To The Fool
  4. Battle Tactics
  5. Holding On To Forever
  6. I’ve Got A Strange Feeling
  7. Butterfly Tree
  8. Restless Night
  9. The Old Bookstore
  10. Yukari’s Theme (Lover Arcana Remix)
  11. Retribution of The Lost
  12. Spirit Molecule (Thou Art I, I Art Thou)



Nerding Out

Ok so by reading my blog you’ve probably guessed that I’m a huge Persona fan, for crying out loud I make fan music! 😀 Anyways I’m nerding out hardcore right now over a new trailer. Now I’ve known about this for a while. And I’m very very excited for this. I own this already on the Playstation, but, my Shin Megami Tensei collection must be complete! I’m talking about Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on the PSP! Check out the trailer below:

There we go. Now that I’ve nerded out completely. I must now announce another big update. New song that I just uploaded signals a new album release that I feel will be even greater than ITSV3. First I’ll let you listen to the song:

In The Shadows Reincarnation. What it is: New tracks and remixes. All the Persona OSTs have Reincarnation OSTs that do the same thing. So I thought I’d have a go at it. You see when I completed In The Shadows Volume 3 I evolved right at the end. It also didn’t get pushed forward until I saw that the tracks: Never Gonna Give You Up, Give It Up (Your Illusion), and Social Link Me were getting very popular. So here’s to a rebirth of sorts and hopefully a funky fun album! Stay tuned!