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Another Laptop…gone

After all the laptops I’ve used and I have used many. I have come to the conclusion that they are all shit. I like my desktop now. It runs faster and better than a laptop. And my laptop HDD seems to be in good condition and probably salvageable if hooked into an enclosure. So now I have to break down and buy the enclosure (not too much) and a USB Wireless Network Card for my desktop. I wish I could direct connect my desktop to my internet but that would require not having it in my room and I like having it close to where I sleep. And also out of the way so I’m not waking people up.

The only sad thing is…All my writing and music was on that laptop. I’m crossing my fingers that the HDD isn’t corrupted and I can pull the data off of it. I really hope so or I will be furious. I have a lot of hard work on that laptop and I don’t want to see it gone.

Besides that the plug.dj Livestream was a success! I wish more people had attended, but I did have a max of 4 or 5 people at once! So it was still a lot of fun and I got a fellow musician friend XandrosUltima to play with me as well to extend the set with his great music. It was fun and it will be done again. If you want updates on when all that will happen. And catch all the Livestreams, be sure to like the Sleeping Awake Facebook page. Just look to your right here should be a nice little widget there for you to check out 🙂 To keep all up to date.

That’s all for me for right now. Off to spend about 30 dollars to keep on keeping on 😛