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Track Listings

So there’s two new albums coming out soon. In The Shadows Volume 4 and a to be announced Sleeping Awake title. For that such Sleeping Awake album I have a teaser. Those joining my lobby’s on plug.dj have heard these songs already. Here’s the list so far:

  1. Subtle Things
  2. Question Everything
  3. Crystal Moon
  4. Somewhere, There’s Always A Light

Much more to come! Here’s also a quick rundown of ITSV4:

  1. New Season
  2. I Won’t Let You Die Alone
  3. Ode To The Fool
  4. Battle Tactics
  5. Holding On To Forever
  6. I’ve Got A Strange Feeling
  7. Butterfly Tree
  8. Restless Night
  9. The Old Bookstore
  10. Yukari’s Theme (Lover Arcana Remix)
  11. Retribution of The Lost
  12. Spirit Molecule (Thou Art I, I Art Thou)



Awesome Stats!

So having been campaigning quite a bit for Ron Paul and such I had put my music on a back burner. Totally forgetting to check things I log in to my deviant art account while looking for some cool Ron Paul art. Suddenly I see I have 58 notifications, it’s all from the Persona group I asked to join. As I’m looking through the new Persona art fans had uploaded I noticed a journal entry about Persona Fan Music. I had asked the creators of the group if they’d possibly check out my Persona inspired music and help give me a plug, well they did! And they sure gave me a huge one! Right now, for the past week, I’m sitting on more stats than I’ve ever had in a single month…or six!

Plug for the group:


Thanatos In My Mind

Just finished up Hadou’s remix! He should be getting it soon and you’ll be able to hear it on his upcoming album 🙂 To hear a bit of a preview, check out the set list below:

I’ve also got a new song to throw in to the mix. Now you should know that I’m making the 3rd Volume to my In The Shadows series and I love the way it’s coming around. Not much hype seems to be going around for this Volume, but I think it’s my favorite one, and encompasses all my styles. Here’s the new song: