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Busy doesn’t only vaguely describes my schedule lately. Pulling 12 hour shifts, reaching overtime, and sleeping. I finally have my computer running online again. My laptop is completely dead. I have my music software re-installed so I can start to create music again 😀 That will be refreshing I’ve had a long hiatus, longer than I wanted it to be.

The thing that’s been taking up most of my time and what I’m hugely addicted to is this website plug.dj

Persona holds a huge place in my life. My favorite video games all fall into the Shin Megami Tensei series. And as you all know I have 3 Volumes of music dedicated to those games. Now this website lets me play my music as well as my fav tracks from that game. And I’ve created quite the fan base through it. My likes on Facebook have jumped and the Lobby I created on plug.dj is The Velvet Room. It’s become so popular amongst Persona fans that I created it’s own Facebook page as well.

I try to play in it nightly but I also have an assistant Theo that DJs for me when I’m not there. My user on there is Crimzen, of course 😉 If you ever have the time check it out! You can see when the Lobby is open by just going to it here: http://www.plug.dj/the-velvet-room/ or liking the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/TheVelvetRoomLobby

Also I’m hoping to play a set soon with my fellow musician friend XandrosUltima, no official date has been set yet. But when it happens we will rock your socks off for sure 🙂 Just a quick update.

Oh yes, the new Machinae Supremacy album is DONE, waiting on album art and all the finalization thingys. And work has OFFICIALLY begun on Persona 5, W00T for the awesomeness!


All Work And No Play

Almost literally 😛

I’m hoping that soon I’ll have some more free time to flesh out everything I have going on. As of right now one project is completed and ready for publishing! In The Shadows Volume 4 is about to come out soon. Nyarko will be providing art just like he did to revamp my other 3 Volumes. It’s going to be awesome.

Now another thing that’s brewing. Remember that Persona/Shin Megami Tensei story I was working on. I want to turn that in to graphic novel and I think Nyarko will help me with that. I’m going to be working on the story and coming up with base (crappy) sketches. And then Nyarko will be making the awesome complete panels! I’m stoked and I hope this can work!

My job is going awesomely and I’m liking it a lot so far. I will update soon!


The new album art is finally done! It looks amazing! Nyarko did an incredible job! Check them out below I have widgets for all three Volumes:


In The Shadows Volume 3 is AVAILABLE! Free Download! Only 85 left! After that I have to wait until the 22nd to have more free downloads 😀


In The Shadows Volume 3 Releases Tonight! 7pm

So it’s finally here! All the tracks are finalized and in awesome FLAC format. Ready to be listened to by the masses! And it will be released tonight! At 7pm EST. If you have Facebook I’ve created an event for the launch of this album. Click the link below to join it! It’s a public even so all you need is a Facebook account:


I had an awesome time finishing up this album. I’ve had a lot of great things pop up in my life and made some extra tracks that are different, more evolved, even for me! I hope you enjoy. 😀

Awesome Stats!

So having been campaigning quite a bit for Ron Paul and such I had put my music on a back burner. Totally forgetting to check things I log in to my deviant art account while looking for some cool Ron Paul art. Suddenly I see I have 58 notifications, it’s all from the Persona group I asked to join. As I’m looking through the new Persona art fans had uploaded I noticed a journal entry about Persona Fan Music. I had asked the creators of the group if they’d possibly check out my Persona inspired music and help give me a plug, well they did! And they sure gave me a huge one! Right now, for the past week, I’m sitting on more stats than I’ve ever had in a single month…or six!

Plug for the group: