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Busy doesn’t only vaguely describes my schedule lately. Pulling 12 hour shifts, reaching overtime, and sleeping. I finally have my computer running online again. My laptop is completely dead. I have my music software re-installed so I can start to create music again 😀 That will be refreshing I’ve had a long hiatus, longer than I wanted it to be.

The thing that’s been taking up most of my time and what I’m hugely addicted to is this website plug.dj

Persona holds a huge place in my life. My favorite video games all fall into the Shin Megami Tensei series. And as you all know I have 3 Volumes of music dedicated to those games. Now this website lets me play my music as well as my fav tracks from that game. And I’ve created quite the fan base through it. My likes on Facebook have jumped and the Lobby I created on plug.dj is The Velvet Room. It’s become so popular amongst Persona fans that I created it’s own Facebook page as well.

I try to play in it nightly but I also have an assistant Theo that DJs for me when I’m not there. My user on there is Crimzen, of course 😉 If you ever have the time check it out! You can see when the Lobby is open by just going to it here: http://www.plug.dj/the-velvet-room/ or liking the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/TheVelvetRoomLobby

Also I’m hoping to play a set soon with my fellow musician friend XandrosUltima, no official date has been set yet. But when it happens we will rock your socks off for sure 🙂 Just a quick update.

Oh yes, the new Machinae Supremacy album is DONE, waiting on album art and all the finalization thingys. And work has OFFICIALLY begun on Persona 5, W00T for the awesomeness!


Updates Galore!

So many projects are piling up, but it’s not a bad thing! Because now they are all what I want to do. Having what I want to do is so much better than doing things that I don’t want to do for other people. Where’s the happiness in that? The graphic novel project has undergone some changes. Now it’s going to be more of a novel with a lot of illustrations between the story. So it’s still technically a graphic novel right? 😀 Nyarko is still doing art but I don’t want to overwhelm him right now. He’s still going to make badass art and we’re still going to see this project through. Depending on the reaction and how it turns out is whether we’ll spend more time on it expanding it and creating something more advanced.

Also my buddy Demon (Damien to you humans) is putting together a website for his Sports Talk show: The Pit. But here’s the cool thing. Now Demon wants to go further than just Sports. He’s recruited me and our other friend Korski in to help him review and discuss a lot more than just Sports. Now it will be more than just Sports Talk. It will be The Pit with multiple avenues. I’ll be helping Demon and Korski review video games, movies/tv, and music. The sports will still be there and there will be so much more as well. It’s going to be a blast I just know it!

Along with The Pit I’m going to be designing some new logos for Demon and coming up with website designs. So look forward to that in the future!

In the realm of music, I’m still creating! Always evolving. I also have a side project that I want to see come to fruition and that’s my indie label. Basically a marketing tool to get not just mine, but other underground artists music out there in the world. Putting compilations together and promoting it all through Bandcamp (oh that wonderful service). I came up with the idea in the MaSu forums like where many great ideas start. All from the hub that is Machinae Supremacy. They are truly the inspiration to a lot of things I do. The name of the label is Rogue World Industries because one day I hope to do more with it than just music 😀

So for this nice long update here are some things for you guys! Listen to my new WIP: IDWB

And it’s still under construction but I’ll love you forever if you go like Rogue World Industries on Facebook right now! 😀 Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rogue-World-Industries/232376330130011

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Seriously all my followers, you guys/gals rock socks for real! I wouldn’t be anything without my followers and those that appreciate what I do. And if any of you play Xbox 360 at all and play Call of Duty or Gears of War 3, you should totally message me or comment below so we can play sometime I’ll totally accept!

PS: In The Shadows Volume 1 just hit over 150 album downloads since it’s release WOW! Thank you so much for listening and downloading that puts a smile on my face!! ^_^

Well Now

Well several things to update on that is awesome! Skyrim’s DLC is coming out soon and there’s a trailer for it that gave me goosebumps 😀

Also ATLUS just released the teaser site for Shin Megami Tensei IV! But to my disappointment it’s coming to the 3DS. I don’t own a 3DS and I’m actually quite displeased that they would release a continuation of their console RPG on a handheld like the 3DS. I really want another console game to play. I have a Playstation 3 now, I’d love for SMT IV to be on the PS3! Heck even the PS2! But I digress, I’m happy they are making another one and it is continuing. Now I guess I have to save for a 3DS now. Check out the teaser site here:


A Strange Journey

I have not yet finished this game, but I have played enough in to it to know most the in’s and out’s of this game. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is considered the fourth game in the SMT franchise but holds no number in it’s title. There are a difference between these games and the Persona games that I like a lot. In fact this game is considered part of the main franchise and Persona is considered a branch off. Anyway I hope to give something solid to this review and not sound like a total fan (even though it may come off that way). I do love to play these games.

The Nintendo DS has a lot of great titles. Some of them RPGs and If you are a fan of RPGs and like me. You’re very picky. I feel that I’ve been burnt out with Final Fantasy. I like them a lot. I still play them time to time but nothing has really stuck out to me as amazing in terms of a console RPG. There are some one hit wonders that have popped up along the years from the Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, and even Gamecube that I’ve played. Out of all the ones I’ve had the opportunity to play; Shin Megami Tensei tops them all.

This game on the DS is quite basically, at first, a dungeon crawler. Some people find this very repetitive. Even me. There are some games that are majorly dungeon crawling to the point where I give up on it because it’s the same rooms, the same monsters, and a boring story. This does dungeon crawling right. Each area has it’s own unique look and feel. As well as the demons you fight change a lot. So you’re not fighting the same thing over and over again. Here’s where it mixes it up.

The battle system is turned based. You pick your actions and have them carried out. Then the enemy returns. Now, not only do you fight demons, you can communicate with them and get them to join your side! This involves picking the right things to say in the communication tree and sometimes they don’t make any sense but you’ll have multiple times and chances to talk to the demons again. Once you recruit them you can do two things. One: Level them up and get them in your party. Use them to help you fight other demons. Two: Once they are leveled up however high you want them to be. Fuse them together and make bigger better demons to help you fight.

Once you’ve recruited a demon, whether they’re in your active party or not, if you see that demon pop up in battle talk to it. It won’t attack you. It will either heal your party, give you items, or give you money. You won’t collect any XP for doing that, but you can get some awesome items that way.

If you’re wondering what happens to the demons once you fuse them to make bigger better ones, they do go away. But, you have what’s called a Demon Compendium that allows you to Register the demons you have before you fuse them. And you can summon them out of the Compendium later to refuse or use in your party again…for a price.

The story is top notch, that’s the one thing I like about the SMT franchise. They always deliver on epic stories that border on the Mature so it doesn’t sound like the same cheesy: ‘Let’s go save the kingdom…again!’ Players take on the role of an unnamed soldier assigned to a UN-mandated research team deployed to the South Pole to investigate an abnormal area in the region dubbed as the “Schwarzwelt” (German for “black world”). Basically what looks like a black hole slowly eating earth starting at the South Pole. You go inside and find a whole other world filled with demons and peril. Your job is to find out how to stop the Schwarzwelt from consuming the Earth and make it back alive!

The graphics are decent and soundtrack are very well done. I’ve heard this game has a lot of hours to offer. Especially for a DS title. If you get the game new it comes with the soundtrack CD. ATLUS is always throwing in awesome bonuses like that. Another reason I buy these games brand new, there’s always a bonus item. I think the music in this game set the tone very well and helps suck you in to the icy world. And if you wondering if you’ll run out of demons to collect or fight. You won’t. There’s enough in here to match Pokemon in my opinion.

Gameplay: 9 – Sound: 10 – Graphics: 7 – Replay Value: 10

It’s an awesome game that I highly recommend to pick up if you own a Nintendo DS. In fact it’s not that expensive either. Last I checked you could still get them new from Gamestop for around $19.99. Also to get a second opinion IGN is always a nice place to visit. If you want to hear what they said about Strange Journey, click here. Here are some screens from the game: