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My First Livestream!

This Saturday I’m doing my first Livestream online! I’m using a site that I just found and I’m totally digging called: plug.dj! It let’s me stream my music online and have people join the stream via the browser and listen in on what I’m playing! It’s awesome, like a virtual concert so to speak! There will be a chat bar in the lobby as well so you can chat with me and other listeners. I will not only be playing my music but some of my favorite tunes as well!

The stream will take place on Saturday August 4th starting at 1pm and lasting until 4 pm. That’s 3 hours of party hosted by yours truly Crimzen 😀

If you have a Facebook and would like to join the Event I have the link for the Event Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/284962421611248/

To get the direct link to the Livestream check back on this blog, Event Page, or Sleeping Awake Facebook page for it on Saturday. I can’t supply a link right now because it has to be unique to the lobby on the day of.

If the times I have selected don’t work, no fear! I’m going to be doing multiple of these every weekend at varying times. So stay tuned I’ll announce more dates and times soon! I hope to see you on Saturday listening to my tunes and my favorites 😀 also to keep in mind: You can keep the lobby open in a tab and do other things online. As long as you keep it open in a tab or minimized you can still listen and view other things online 😀


No Role Models Here

So there comes a time to be civil. And if you ever meet or have met me in person. You know I’m very respectable and pretty much well mannered. But something must be twisted in my brain because I bet if you are friends with me on Facebook you’d probably think otherwise. You might be taken aback or even disgusted. I guess I’m just twisted. Because there are some things I find hilarious and cool that others might find weird, disturbing, or vulgar. For instance:

Huge fan of Infected Mushroom. Big fan of random dubstep. So when these two things came together with the F word. Well I giggle every time I hear this. It makes me feel all happy inside and I don’t know why.

Also I love badass violence. Does that make me weird? When I successfully pull off an insane move in Assassins Creed. It gives me goosebumps and I get excited. No not that kind of excited you perverts. Gives me ideas for stories, gives me ideas for AMVs, and makes me want to make video games. Or a movie. Definitely after watching something like this (This vids are works of art imo):

I don’t know why but it’s just fun and cool to look at. Especially parred with dubstep. I think that dubstep can go well with games like Deus Ex Human Revolution. Cyberpunk and futuristic adventure games. And I know that genre’s can get blurred a lot. But to me Deus Ex Human Revolution was more than just a shooter/RPG. It was an Adventure! This video is for the upcoming game Syndicate. I hope it’s good. But the trailer is what blows me away. I want to make music like this:

Those trailers make me shiver. It gets my creative mind turning. It makes me want my own media company to make things like this! That’s why I want to get my name out there. I want to get a start and become the next Bioware, the next Bethesda, and make it to the top.

The Matrix soundtracks are amazing. And they have some of the best cyberpunk based songs I’ve ever heard. Doesn’t even have to pertain to the sci-fi subgenre by putting references in the music. It just has to ‘sound’ like it. Does that make since? I want to make more music that sounds like you’d find it in The Matrix or Deus Ex. Sometimes it may not always come out that way. But I definitely want to establish my own sound.

Btw, all my albums are set to ‘free’ again on my Bandcamp. Temporarily so if there’s an album you haven’t snagged yet. Go for it! The reason why I kept them for sale was to hopefully knock down plagiarism. I hope that doesn’t happen. So I’ll have random ‘free bursts’ as I’ll call them and you just have to get them when these ‘bursts’ happen.

Help Me Win A Mix Contest!

Hey everybody! I’m trying to win this Contest with my music. If you’d be awesome and help me win! All you have to do is this:

1. Go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trance/367599113256421
2. Find their Wall Post about: Original Mix Contest
3. Click View all Comments
4. Find the post by me: Mark D. Lynch
5. Click ‘Like’

That’s it! The more likes I have on that post the better, tell your friends! Whoever has the most likes wins, I totally appreciate this!

Trying To Get My Name Out There

So I had a decent pop of views and listens when I uploaded new music last night. But not as much as I was hoping for. I think it’s mainly due to a lot of people may just not be online and I’m sure have better things to do than check my random blog or Facebook updates. But I see artists socialize all the time and send out their stuff everywhere and get followers. But I can’t seem to do it. So I ask you, my readers, if you would do me an awesome huge favor to share my music with other people. Your friends, family, and anyone you think that would like my music. I would greatly appreciate it! Here’s the links to all my music on various sites:

Youtube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Facebook

And of course this blog! 😀

Also I’m not saying that nobody supports my music or likes it. On the contrary. I’m very thankful for all my fellow musicians and friends online that are supporting me and what I do. I’d like to give a big shout out to my friends on Facebook and my MaSu Forum friends, you guys rock sawks and I’d be nowhere close to where I am now without you guys!

Dark Shadows All Around

The past week and a half I’ve had a lot of things happen to my life. Right now I’m trying to find a new job, live off 50 dollars a week in unemployment, and find my own place to live with my girlfriend. The place we were allowed to live in is now hostile and I won’t stand for us living in just a place. It’s not healthy. If that means me moving out and living with the bare minimum for a while, so be it. While gone I missed internet a ton. Not having it felt weird. Also not having my video games was also weird. Wanting to play games and not being able too. Well that sucked.

But what I did have was time to write and make music. Tons of new ideas have flowed through my head and I’ve put to paper. Also my music is coming to a completeness. The Black Hoodie album is done. I’m just finalizing some album art and maybe some extras. I’m unsure at the moment. Download codes to all of my friends that want the album. I’m keeping it set at $5 only because I have DJ’s looking at my music now and no offense to any of them, but I’m trying to keep my music from being downloaded and used in shows without my permission. So the $5 price is more of just reassurance that no unwanted downloads are happening. Anyone that knows me and wants my music knows how to contact me 🙂

Also being a fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton here’s some interesting info I found out. Well first off, I watched Rango, and I thought that was a brilliant animated film. The animation was top notch and the story was fun to follow. Very fun to watch. Also just going randomly on Rotten Tomatoes to look up some movie reviews. I’m shocked to see Underworld at a 30% 😦

But I just saw some pictures for an upcoming Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows. Now this movie is based off the old TV Show Dark Shadows which I’m a huge fan of. I have to thank my mom for getting me into that show. I watched reruns of it on SyFy since the show didn’t originally air in my time. The main character Barnabas is going to be played by Johnny Depp. I’m hoping this will fall into the same vein as Sleepy Hollow or Sweeney Todd.

And in conclusion with the release of my Black Hoodie album know that I have also been making a lot more In The Shadows songs as well. So expect Volume 3 to be out soon as well 😀

Album…Coming Soon!

So I’m almost done with creating the second Black Hoodie album. Title of album is still pending. And I think from here on out I’m going to make the remaining tracks a secret until you can get the album in full 🙂 Now I did revise Nemesis Rising. I changed it up because after listening to it over again, it sounded a bit repetitive. And it’s now called Pulse. I’m hoping to dish out at least 3 more tracks to complete the album so those will be in the dark until you can download it. I want to make an awesome album cover too and have some neat bonus features. So I want to figure out what those could possibly be. The one thing I love about the video game company ATLUS is their extra gifts they include, so I’m hoping to put something together for this album.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress and everything! Also my friend Hadou is coming out with a Random album that has a bunch of songs that he put together recently. It’s going to be awesome and I’ll give a post on it when it’s released. Also check his blog out and give him some love! Start following him. You can find him here:




He’s a good dude and is always promoting me. Check him out!

A Late Night Dance With Insanity

So the musical funk is over I think. And I’ve got so many ideas and things running through my brain. Here’s something that I put together, inspired a ton by Infected Mushroom. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Free Download as well! ^-^