A Few More Updates

Some great news. The job is going very well, so far the training is good and the team leaders are great! I feel that this job will be refreshing, a learning experience, and of course good money to help me survive! Which also means my projects get to move further. Speaking of projects I’m very excited about the new album art coming to In The Shadows. Nyarko, a user from Deviant Art has agreed to make some album art from me and I am completely excited. Check out his work and give him some love:


He has amazing Shin Megami Tensei fan art and I can’t wait to see his album designs. That’s the biggest news. I’ve almost got In The Shadows Volume 4 completed and a lot of songs for it already. If you look in the post below I have a set list already up on Soundcloud with most of the tracks uploaded on it. A big favorite of mine is a remix that I did of Lover Arcana. When I originally made that song I wish it was longer and done a bit differently. Now I have done it! And since it’s the Lover Arcana that inspired it I renamed it Yukari’s Theme.

E3 is coming up soon so expect to see awesome posts from me about my favorite things. To follow E3 in FULL I recommend going to Kotaku. They are going to cover the entire thing as well as having streaming coverage. ❤ Kotaku!


Because I prefer the blog view 😉

Also the Crimzen General Project is still on going and will follow a set theme. With a story hopefully. I love the Coheed and Cambria concept of having an underlying story. Since I have no vocals I’m going to have an accompanying PDF file that tells a bit of a story to go with the music and I hope that it adds to the experience and you guys/gals enjoy! More tracks for that is coming soon as well! I’m a busy bee but don’t worry I’m still here even with no internet access, I wifi when I get the chance 😀


About Mark Lynch

My name is Mark but my friends call me Crimzen (used to be Lucky/LuckysRevenge). I'm 23 years old. A writer with constant writer's block, a computer musician, n00b web designer, and I'm trying to live each day at a time with positive energy all around. I want to make it through school and get a career not a job. I want to get my music out there and make my mark in the world. View all posts by Mark Lynch

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