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In The Studio

Soon there will be even more songs to listen to soon! And I might be adding a couple tracks to In The Shadows Volume 4 which would make it the longest ITS album to date.

My girlfriend just got me some awesome new headphones! I had been using an off brand for a long time and she just happened to find some on sale at Guitar Center and they ended up being amazing! So I’m super stoked about that 🙂

So to get a feel for how the new Sleeping Awake album is going to be. Check out my two Black Hoodie albums: Songs From The Black Hoodie, Legend of the Black Hoodie, and then merge them with Keeping The Blade. There you go.

This is also inspiring me as well:


Progressing and Just Plain Excited!

So the more and more I see the art Nyarko is coming up with. The more and more I get excited about this graphic novel project! I can’t show anything yet. Stuff has to be top secret 🙂 But I assure you it’s looking quite amazing. I’m going over story and plot. Fleshing out good story arc ideas. I have the main plot but I want to have good and interesting story arcs. The first one is of course going to be the slowest. Introducing the characters, their Personas, and getting them to the start of the main plot. The Beginning Arc is going to be the hardest to conquer. But it will get there soon!

Also I’ve decided to add a few extras to In The Shadows Volume 4 😀 so stay tuned for that!

And my next album might fall in sync with the release of the graphic novel. I want to have a good soundtrack that reminiscent of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchise as well as something different from In The Shadows as well.

New Tracks

So I’m working on this new set list. And right now it’s called the Crimzen General Project. It’s weird, it’s new, it’s different. But it embodies what I think the name Sleeping Awake means. I would love it, if you could take the time to listen to this setlist and give me some feedback. I’m really enjoying where this is going. Let me know if you are too!


Monster Energy Heavy Metal Review

I’m a huge fan of Monster Energy Drinks. I’m willing to try all the flavors they come out with and I have liked pretty much every one they have made. And maybe there’s a reason why this was $1.50 and I found it on a shelf at a Big Lots that makes it not very popular. I should have left it on the shelf. The graphic on the can looked awesome, it’s got the BFC (Big F*cking Can) size, and I was expecting just a large can of Monster. That’s not what I got.

I got a large can of shit turned liquid.

It’s horrible. It tastes NOTHING like anything Monster has come out with. One sip and I was reminded of why I stopped drinking alcohol. Those nasty fruity energy malt liquor drinks. Yeah that’s what it tastes like. It’s horrible. If you ever run across this somewhere and wonder if it’s good. Don’t be fooled. It’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever drank. Don’t get it.

Review done.


No Internet (sadface)

Ok so I haven’t updated in forever. But right now we lost internet so I can’t update hardly at all anymore. But I’m still alive here and there. Having no internet is like not having a limb. It really sucks. I could honestly do without my cell phone, my satellite, and tv as long as I had internet. All I need is the ability to play games online off my console or PC and get Netflix. That’s it. I don’t even need TV anymore. Cell phones, maybe. I could see having one to connect to the internet when I’m out and about but that’s about it.

I could use a nice smart phone soon. It’d be nice to be able to update WordPress from the mobile. Checking Facebook would be easier than from my phone at them moment.

In other news check the blog post below! My friend Hadou just made a new album Rand() that is a compilation of random songs and it’s very good. And it’s totally free to download! Either check the post I reblogged below or click the link here:

And I’ve also got a new song up as well. I’m really debating on whether continuing In The Shadows or making another album that is similar to Dimensions: The Fall. I still want to make music that will appeal to the Persona fans and fans of my regular trance/house music as well. So it’s still very up there with my decisions right now. There’s a song I’ve got right now that I’ve been working on and I’d love some feedback, let me know what you think:

My musician friend Hadou has a brand new release out and it’s free! Totally epic in sound, you should go check it out! It’s free!

Everybody my fellow musician friend Hadou will be releasing his new album later today for FREE! Check it out, listen to it, and soon download it! Spread the word to your friends 😀